Risk management in an easy and intuitive way.

AustranetGRC is the solution for compliance measurement and regulatory risk management at a corporate level.

Why AustranetGRC ?

AustranetGRC is the comprehensive solution for the Compliance Officer


It is time to boost your compliance through automation with our internal and/or external standards management and control system.

Microsoft Silver Partner

Austranet GRC is a solution that is integrated in the cloud, validated by Microsoft.

Integration with Office 365

Our system integrates with all Office 365 applications (Azure, SharePoint, Power Bi, OneDrive), which allows the compliance process to be much faster and more integrated.

Connected with Excel

Download all the statistics, management indicators and information within Excel, allowing you to always carry your data with you.

Teams + Austranet GRC

Taking into account the importance of communication and cooperative work, our solution has full integration with Microsoft Teams

Access it from the Microsoft Marketplace

Don’t wait any longer and maximize and improve your compliance levels, reduce risk and increase efficiency in the management of your regulatory commitments.

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Traceability of regulatory and business processes

Easily integrate regulations that are applicable to your company, create tasks and generate controls, so you can satisfy the compliance under a traceable guideline. 

Compliance Visibility and Measurement

The risk module presents information on the risks associated with non-compliance and with regulations in a simple way through risk matrices and heat maps. 

Centralization of the evidence

All necessary documentation for tasks, regulations and processes are found on the same platform, which will facilitate traceability, control and compliance. 

Risk Module


Document Management System


Uploading of commitments and risks


Controls scheduler


Compliance monitoring and measurement

Assess risk more easily with Matrices and Heat Maps

Look risks in real time, analyze their evolution and categorization through Timelines, Risk Matrices and Heat Maps in a friendly and responsive interface. Look risks in real time, analyze their evolution and categorization through Timelines, Risk Matrices and Heat Maps in a friendly-responsive interface. 

matriz de riesgo y mapa de calor
matriz de riesgo y mapa de calor

Visualize your statistics with Power Bi

Understand all your compliance data (complete or incomplete, approved and rejected tasks) and level of risks with the integration of Power BI that AustranetGRC has. 

austranetgrc en ipad

100% Online and on multiple devices.

Access from anywhere with your computer, phone or tablet.

Integrations with the Microsoft office suite

AustranetGRC is designed to fit-in the way you work, improving your productivity and compliance control. 


Create and close activities by attaching evidence from emails.


Access and centralize evidence in SharePoint.


Analyze your AustranetGRC data in a personalized way using PowerBI.


Access the Microsoft Cloud, use the authentication and security services as well as applications and data. 

Security, reliability and support


Authentication with Azure AD, Microsoft Accounts, or Google Accounts


With the reliability of Microsoft Azure infrastructure


Ability to outsource data through SharePoint and Azure Blob

Start using AustranetGRC now

AustranetGRC is the most effective risk management tool, created with state-of-the-art technologies and designed to provide the best user experience.

You can acquire AustranetGRC through these two ways:

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