Welcome to your new plataform!

AustranetGRC Dashboard is ideal for you

– It adapts according to the user’s role.

– It allows you to see information in a clear and concise way, showing the progress in the fulfilment of activities, whether they are in progress, overdue, to be approved and the general performance.

We digitise your work!

To achieve this, you will have a document manager, where you will be able to enter:

– Regulations

– Official notices

– Circulars

And much more.

It is important to keep track of commitments

For this reason, AustranetGRC offers you a commitment manager, where you can enter all the obligations that come from each of the documents.

Once created, you will be able to associate risks, activities, as well as see its heat map and risk graph in real time.

In addition, you can record your activities in a simple way

You can define their frequency, expiry date, dependency (if any) and the users involved.

Y And there are many more features to come…
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